Top 5 Adventure Sports in Rishikesh – 2016 | Touring Travellers

River Rafting in Rishikesh is the most famous Adventure Sports in Rishikesh but there are 4 other activities which you can experience in Rishikesh like Bungee Jumping, Air Safari, Waterfall Rappelling and Zip Lining. Click to share it with your Friends –

Hope you like the video, let me know if you want to know the details of a particular sport.


For Bungee Jumping, Swing and Flying Fox –
For Air Safari –
For Zip Lining and River Rafting – There are many people who provide these services in Rishikesh. Once you reach rishikesh main market, you would see a lot of vendors. NEGOTIATE and finalize the best deal. Let me know If you want to know about a particular vendor. 🙂

If you have any question about RISHIKESH or any other place, Write it in the comments and I would reply you back ASAP 🙂



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