Top 20 Most Unusual EXTREME SPORTS

From cave climbing to skydiving, I’m Lorenzo from Insane Curiosity, and here are the tTop 20 Most Unusual EXTREME Sports ! you need to try before you die !

20.) Heli-Skiing

Are you tired of waiting in lift lines when you’re hitting the slopes? Try to picture yourself being dropped by a helicopter on fresh snow. Heli-skiing is legitimately a powder lovers’ dream come true.You’re skiing in some of the most gorgeous terrain in the country. However, skiing in remote areas that aren’t monitored by resort employees or surveillanced by rescue personnel is pretty risky. You could cause an avalanche or be hurt in an incident with little access to aid. Regardless, this is one of the most fun sports in the world, for those who favor danger, of course.

19.) Surfing

Surfing, if it isn’t obvious enough, happens to be a severely famous beach-friendly extreme sport and is competed all over the world. Checking out some pretty gnarly and high waves on a board and being washed out toward the land is something that the vast community of surfers loves to be able to experience. Try out surfing the next time you get a chance to have a beach holiday, but only if the waves are big enough. Until then, let The Beach Boys tell you how its done.

18.) Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one of the most thrilling extreme sports and it is tried by many people who are fans of adventurous and risky sports. This includes leaping off a gigantic structure, while the player is connected to an elastic rope. Usually, jumping is done from stationary objects such as building, bridge or a natural rock structure. However every now and then people also jump from the moving objects such as hot air balloons and helicopters. The cord stretches out when the person jumps. The jumper zooms upwards again as the cord recoils. The person bounces up and down, till the energy is gone.

17.) Hiking

Anyone who is generally a fan of the act of walking or even jogging, you’ll most definitely enjoy hiking and the hardships it distributes. It’s great to get off that beaten path while at the same time walking through changes in elevation and different beautiful sights. The changes in elevation — which usually come in the forms of little climbs and downhill trekking — will work those muscles of yours in ways that walking would probably never be able to, and soon enough, you can move up to steeper hills and more challenging hikeable terrain. Just wear proper attire, assuming weather conditions.

16.) Zorbing

Whether it be the first person ever to scale Mt. Everest, or creating commercial bungee jumping, New Zealanders are definitely innovators of adventure. Kiwis also happen to be the very root of one of the strangest extreme sports in the world, and that is Zorbing. Basically, Zorbing involves being strapped into a huge rubber ball and then rolling downhill at speeds of up to 30 mph, so needless to say this isn’t for people who have clinical motion sickness. No special skills are needed and it’s actually pretty safe. Zorb Limited even brags that of the 100,000 or so people who’ve tried the sport, no one has ever puked inside the ball.

15.) Ice Diving

There happens to be only one point of entrance and exit in this risky sport. Diving way below the ice’s surface can be very dangerous, however some find that it’s totally worth that risk of Hypothermia. Ice diving totally takes you into a totally unique world, one with crystal-clear water and an alien marine status quo. Getting prepped for it requires loads and loads of grueling training that goes way beyond a basic certification. If you want to have the best ice diving experience, visit Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies.

14.) Sandboarding

Duh, you could always snowboard in Colorado, but in Dubai, they’ve got something special. Believe it or not, you could actually sandboard in Dubai. While it’s already a super hip destination as it is, Dubai never fails to surprise — and this extreme sport is a perfect example of the country’s unique hospitality. Take a stroll out into the desert on your own 4×4 and try your hand at boarding down the gallant sand dunes. On top of that, you’ll never ever need to rock any heavy winter clothes — you’ll be zooming down the dunes in your shorts.

13.) Sky Diving

Letting yourself fall right out of a plane is, without one doubt, the ultimate adrenaline rush. Find your location wisely, and get yourself ready for the great jump. Along with that, it’s something that you can just chill back and take in – you’ll be doing tandem leaps with an experienced guide, so you can let them take over the terrifying parts. If that’s a little too extreme, then give paragliding a shot. Again, you’ll be set up with an experienced guide, so you

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