LOOKING FOR FREEDOM – Extreme Sports & Spiritual Awakening – Mayabari Kiteschool Tarifa

Join Mayabari special and unique pro kiteschool in Tarifa, become an independent kitesurfer and get to know a special project!

The ultimate desire of every human being is to live happy and free. In this mind controlled fear based society is difficult to live fully in the present moment. Most of people are like robots, disensitized, trapped in their minds.

We are always forced to think about something, our minds are constantly overthinking and therefore we are not living in the moment.
We only think and think, but what about FEELING?

Mayabari is a lifestyle willing to open the eyes of people all over the world and help them to get back to the « feeling » moment.
There are many tools to clean your mind, extreme sports is just one of them. It may not be for anyone, but for some people is the ultimate freedom.

Practicing extreme sports you are 100 % focused on this moment. This moment is the most important in your life. There is no time to overthink, it is all about feeling and experiencing that instant.

Ale from Mayabari:

« Extreme sports for me are a tool to clean completely my mind and awaken my full potential. In that moment I connect back to my true essence. My mind is shut down, it is just me, my soul, living fully and feeling fully. Nothing else exist, nothing else matter, i am living in the moment. This is where I feel the most alive. This is where I feel the power of life. I call this moment a true spiritual awakening moment. It somehow manages to free me from negativity and problems my mind creates ».

More infos about Mayabari:

Website: www.mayabari.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mayabariproject/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mayabari_project/
Twitter: twitter.com/Mayabari_Tarifa

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