Extreme Sports for Extreme Veteran Needs: Birds Eye View Project

Navy SEAL Ryan “Birdman” Parrott  is the Founder of the Bird’s Eye View Project,
and the Host of the TV and Web Series,  introducing America to Veterans and First-Responders
who are overcoming adversity, and living their lives to the fullest.   Fans will gain a front-row seat to their challenges, and the people who work hard every day, pouring into their lives, where nothing is impossible…even the most EXTREME and EXCITING challenges.

Ten charities will be highlighted, showcasing the Founders, the people they serve, and stories that will illustrate amazing Veterans and First-Responders who are living their lives to the fullest, despite their challenges.

In the fast-paced, flip-by, click-bait world we live in, spending dollars to raise awareness is simply not in the budget for many small charities.  The Bird’s Eye View Project is that platform:  combining heart and soul, with mind-blowing extreme adventures, that will build awareness about the issues, and the charities working to erase those challenges in an exciting, never-before seen format.  Witness our Nation’s Heroes as they face their challenges head on, and succeed and thrive beyond what they ever dreamed possible.

Website: http://www.BirdsEyeViewProject.org
Facebook: @BirdsEyeViewProject
Twitter: @BEVProject
Instagram: @BirdsEyeViewProject

10 Charity Initiative
America’s Mighty Warriors: http://americasmightywarriors.org
Adaptive Training Foundation: http://adaptivetrainingfoundation.org
Rosecrance Florian: http://www.rosecrance.org
Base Camp 40: http://www.bc40hunts.com/
Duskin & Stephens: http://duskinandstephens.org
Rebuilding Warriors: http://www.rebuildingwarriors.com
Kill 22: https://www.22kill.com
Sons of the Flag: http://www.sonsoftheflag.org
Carry the Load: http://www.carrytheload.org

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