12 Most Unusual Extreme Sports

From the brutal Chess Boxing Tournament, to the infamous OSTRICH RACE; These are 12 Most UNUSUAL Extreme Sports !

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12. Wife Carrying Championship

11. Mud Wrestling

10. Chess Boxing

9. Snail Racing

8. Cricket Fighting

7. Gurning Championship

6. Zorbing
You might not have really heard about zorbing before but this sport is becoming increasingly popular in modern times. It’s basically like a race but instead of a car or other types of automobiles being put to use, they use giant plastic balls called zorbs which can reach pretty high speeds. Although not much physical activity is required, it’s listed as an extreme sport. It is pretty extreme and it’s not uncommon for people to get pretty dizzy afterwards as you can imagine. IN 2014, a zorb was specially designed for a nissan and it reached 20 miles an hour!

5. Ostrich Racing
It may come to a surprise to many of you that Ostrich racing has been around since the times of the ancient egyptians. Ostriches can reach intense speeds of 43 miles an hour so it’s certainly a little more fast paced than horse racing. Here we see two jockeys suited up at an annual ostrich racing festival in Arizona, and you better believe those helmets are gonna come in handy! The guy in the blue helmet falls off pretty quickly and it’s quite the challenge to compete in this sport. First of all you need an ostrich, which we imagine isn’t too easy to comeby. You might have to resists protest from peta, and then you have to put up with constantly falling off these giant birds! And when you do fall off, be prepared to get trampled on! Others might choose to go the easier route and take a chariot.

4. Extreme Ironing
Ironing is no longer just for women and now becoming much more extreme! Finding the most bizarre and unusual place to get this household chore done is now becoming somewhat of a sport. This competitor named Kevin hiked up the side of this cliff top to make sure his shirt is wrinkle free. Some might perform these stunts on places like on canoes, on top of a house, or even underwater like you see here. The first competition was actually held in a small village near munich with three categories, urban, water, rocky, forest and freestyle; where anything goes!

3. Volcano Snowboarding
So you’ve looked into snowboarding and it wasn’t for you. You prefered things to be a little more heated up while you’re risking your life! Well it seems that volcano boarding could be right up your alley! Instead of cruising down a hill with snow, you’re basically doing the same thing but with volcanic ash! In 2015, photographers captured some images from people participating in this extreme sport on an erupting volcano in Indonesia! We’ll hope this guy didn’t fall or got eaten up by hot lava!

2. Skyaking
Yeah, sure we’ve heard of kayaking before that’s for pure wussies! The only way to enjoy your time in one of these plastic boats is by freefalling 60 miles an hour after jumping out of an airplane 13000 feet in the air! Wide kayaks are made that help add stability to free falls but it’s certain that a lot of things can go wrong here. Hardcore skyakers will pull their parachutes at twice the height a normal parachuter would, just in case something goes wrong. The landing part seems to be the coolest as they normally try to land on a body of water. This photo shows a skayaker named miles who’s been doing this for 8 years, land on a stream in Florida.

1.Mountain Unicycling
Who wants to ride down a mountain with a bike these days? Ain’t no one got time for 2 wheels! The only true extreme way to do this is to take a unicycle of course and we imagine it doesn’t get too much crazier than this! This German adrenaline junkie gets a rush from being on top of a mountain with his unique skill of being able to ride a unicycle. This might include catching some serious air on the way down. Ever since extreme unicycles were made that can handle mountainous terrains a subculture developed and you better believe they got some buff calves. Practicers of this sport claim that this extremely physically demanding and it requires people to use nearly every muscle in their body

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